HIGH ON HIGHLANDS – Where to stay in Scotland?

One hears about the exceptional beauty of Scottish highlands time and again. Scotland was always there somewhere on my travel cerebrum. But it often happens that your mind slips out the most obvious things.

Travel Experiences Stories

…and then me and my husband (absolute junkies of Netflix and chill kind of fun), started watching a television drama series “Outlander”. Claire, the protagonist in the series, made us deeply profound of Scotland through her intriguing travel tryst back in time. The righteous, passionate and courageous story of Claire and Jamie recreated the Scottish history, the war tales, the culture and the spectacular landscapes in our living room. Also the Scottish accent, red hair and love for a wee dram ; )

We were gripped to their story so intensely that we decided to discover it through our own eyes in the summer of 2016.

Dearies (as the Scottish say it), we weren’t wronged a wee bit! Scottish highlands guise unreally enticing nature scenes. You feel, either you are in a 3D fairy tale book or you must be high!

For the next 10 days, we were high on Highlands experiencing it’s.

  • Never ending green dunes

  • Grasslands polka dotted with cattle folk (and more cattle folk than humans)

  • Breath of barley brew in the air

  • Typical country side food, like mom’s cooking every meal

  • War lands filled with sorrow and pride

  • Land of castles officially

  • Lake stories coming out of a magic hat and

  • Weather with a split personality (forecast ditching you by the hour)

Why Aviemore is the perfect place to stay in Scottish highlands?

As I started planning my trip to Scotland, for a fair amount of time I remember being clueless on where to go and where to stay because everywhere in highlands seemed beautiful and unmissable. This time we were visiting Scotland for around 8-10 days and I was already certain that this would be one of our many visits to Scotland.

We wanted to spend a relaxing time soaking in the beauty rather than chasing destinations. So we decided to visit a realistic length and breadth of highlands, spanning between central lowlands to the mouth of Northern highlands. We chose the town of Aviemore as our base to stay, offering great panoramic views of the Cairngorms mountain range. Not just that, there’s lots more to do around Aviemore.

  • If you are driving from Glasgow or Edinburgh, then you will pierce through the scenes of highlands up to Aviemore (and trust me it’s just the beginning of the beauty trail).

  • It is a sprawling green town in the thick of Scottish Highlands, in the Cairngorms National Park range.

  • For all the Scotch lovers, Aviemore is located just a few miles from Scotland’s famous Malt Whiskey Trail in Speyside region. Who is in Scotland and not up for this?

  • Aviemore is just a 30-40 mins drive from the picturesque city of Inverness and the Culloden battlefield.

  • From here, you can also visit several other places in proximity like the placid lakes, mountain trails, ski runs and ancient forest inhabiting several wildcats and bird species.

The Mountain Grange – a perfect Airbnb to stay in Aviemore

We are frequent Airbnb-ers and in most cases our travel planning starts with finding that unique bnb setting somewhere in the concealed areas of a country. Desirably if this setting also has some quaint places to visit and local places to try food at, then it pretty much sounds like a plan for us.

Well this time we found our unique airbnb in Aviemore, called the Mountain Grange, which remains one of my favorite airbnb experiences till date. A true Scottish home dating back to the 18th century, with recent modern refurbishments completed by Graham & Olga, for their global guests!

The Mountain Grange is a self-catering property in the Scottish Highlands, set in the very heart of the Cairngorm Mountain Range. You can comfortably stay here with a family or group of about 12 people, consuming the 4 bedrooms, kids rooms, hot tub, sauna, kitchen and large dine with latest cooking equipment, garden room, outdoor fire place, games room and a gigantic green pasture just for yourselves.

Plainly, this is the ideal places to indulge in outdoor activities, breathing the fresh Scottish Highland air. You will instantly begin to unwind, if you are looking for some adventure and peace with your family, at your pace.

Here’s my top 5 things to do in Highlands

  1. Pay homage to the glorious Scottish history in the Culloden Battlefield.

  2. Taste the “Water of Life” at the Glenlivet.

  3. Visit the circumference of beauty at Chanonry point

  4. Spend a charming evening in Inverness

  5. Discover the handsome Highlands with no plan!

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